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Win Van Pelt comes from humble beginnings. As a young adult, Win worked for nine years as a youth minister, taught at a Bible college, and framed houses to make ends meet and put bread on the table. When he entered the real estate market in 1991 the housing market had come to a standstill, Boeing wasn’t hiring and the greater Seattle economy was in a slump.  Through dogged tenacity, unrelenting persistence, and a dream of providing genuine, reliable, results-oriented service for his clients, Win succeeded in the real estate industry. After only a year of experience, Win won Rookie Agent of the Year. In the years since, Win has been a steady leader in the real estate industry. He’s consistently occupied a position in the top performing agents with John L Scott for over a decade. 

Win is the CEO of The Van Pelt Group. With over two decades of experience and over 1700 sales, Win sets the priorities of The Van Pelt Group and holds a high standard of success for all his agents. Win is a licensed managing broker and also a Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist. 

In addition to his professional work, Win continues to give back to his community by working with numerous local organizations. At present, Win is: 

  • Seattle Running Club co-founder, past president and serving board member; 
  • Board member of the Estate Planning Council of South King County; and 
  • Volunteer at his local Community Church in Bellevue. 

Win is on a continual quest to grow both personally and professionally and strives to consistently provide the best customer experience to his clients. Working under the tutelage of North America’s leading real estate coach Mike Ferry for over 23 years, Win puts his knowledge and experience to work for his clients. He continues to network with agents throughout the US and Canada and is ever expanding his knowledge and skills through reading and professional development.

Win and his wife Terry feel fortunate to have raised their family on the Eastside and enjoy spending time with their ever-growing family. At present, the Van Pelts have three children and four grandchildren who all live in the greater Seattle area. 

Having summited Mt. Rainier 14 times on 5 different routes, Win is no stranger to mountaineering, rock climbing, ice climbing and glacier climbing. When not scaling mountains, Win enjoys trail running and seeing our beautiful world both locally and internationally. Recently, Win completed a trip “fast packing” the Italian Dolomites and plans future international trips to Patagonia and the Himalayas. 

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